How to Set Up Your Shopify Store - Step by step guide


Starting a new store can be very exciting and nervous. Part of you is dreaming of all the possibilities from achieving success while the other part is worried you’ll fail. It’s the time when you finally get a chance to turn that idea in your head into a real business. This is going to be super fun! Below is step by step guide through the process

We know shopify is a powerful platform that can help you in reaching your dream in simple steps and it can be setup as soon as within 30min!

Choosing a Brand Name

Generate brand name

One of the first questions you’ll be asked before you start your store is what your store’s name is. The business name you choose is important. It’s the name your customers will share with their friends, searchers will look for in Google, and you’ll be including on your website and marketing materials.

You’ll need to come up with something catchy, SEO-optimized or aligned with how you want to position your brand.

It can be hard to brainstorm ideas on your own. I mean, every time, I come up with a brand name on my own, I do a quick search and… it’s taken. That’s why I usually rely on a list of business name generators to come up with ideas

After you do some research on the brand name that you going to take up, you may do a quick verification in Google if there are seller in your niche using the keyword that you research you are ready to open your business!

How to Set Up Your Shopify Account

Now let’s build our store.

I head over to Shopify’s sign up page. The first step I take is to add my email address, password and the brand name I just came up with.

shopify sign up page

Next, Shopify asks me to tell them a little bit about me. So I fill in that I’m not selling products yet and that I’m just getting started and click next. If you own a brick and mortar store (physical location) you’d fill in that you’re selling products and how much money your business is currently making. For me, this is just a new business in a new niche so I’m just starting out.

introduce about yourself

Next, Shopify asks to add an address. This is the address that your customers will see. If you’re business is at your home and you’re concerned about your privacy you can purchase a P.O. Box or a mailing service where mail gets delivered at a co-working space that you can pick up or get redirected to your home address.

business address

Next, click Enter my Store at the bottom of the page. 

enter shopify store

aaaannnnddddd here you go~ BOSS! you are officially the owner of this store 

new shopify theme

Your new store will come with a free theme automatically. So it’ll likely look something like this. But there are a variety of themes you can choose from. So let’s go over how to choose the right theme for your store if you want your store to have a different look.

Choosing a Theme

When choosing between Shopify themes you’ll want to consider a few things.

First, you can sort by Collection, Industry and All Themes. Personally, I usually go to All Themes. However, some of you may rather sort based on what type of store you’re creating (industry) or the look and feel you’re going after (collection).

Under Collections, you’ll find themes based on their minimalistic design, big imagery or popularity that week. Under Industries, you’ll find some of the most popular ecommerce niches like fashion, home and garden, and health and beauty.

shopify theme

And if you head to All Themes, you’ll find that you can further narrow down what you look for in a theme. For example, if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can choose to only view free themes. Or if you only sell one product, you can choose a theme based on the number of products you sell. For example, single product, small catalog, medium catalog or large catalog.

There are even a few other categories you can choose to help you find the perfect theme. For example, I personally always look for top navigation instead of sidebar navigation. Most people are accustomed to seeing the navigation on the top of the website which makes it a bit more user-friendly and intuitive. Fortunately, you can sort through this under Navigation > Horizontal Menu. 

You can always browse more theme so that you have broader option and make better decision base on your needs and the theme can always be changed at a later stage. If you have question on the feature of certain theme, you can always try to email the creator, they will be helpful and willing to help.

lets pause here~ explore around and basically your store is up.. next is putting in all your product and start doing business!

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